• Christ the Lord The Road to Cana by Anne Rice (Używane)

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ISBN 9780099484189

Herod Antipas rules Galilee, Pontius Pilate is the new Roman governor of Judea, and the Roman Empire rules the world. These are turbulent times for Israel, a troubled land of turmoil and insurrection. Now in his thirtieth year, Jesus and his tight-knit family endure a long, dusty winter of disruption and chaos.

Whispers of his virgin birth still persist, and while he struggles with the demands of his family and the weight of his great destiny, those around him wait for some sign of the path he will take. But this quiet man of Nazareth is instead called upon to found a ministry which will utterly transform an unsuspecting world ...

  • Format:
    • Paperback / softback
    • 352 pages
  • Publisher:Cornerstone
  • Imprint:Arrow Books Ltd
  • ISBN:9780099484189
  • Published:5 Feb 2009
  • Classifications:
    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
    • Historical fiction
    • Religious & spiritual fiction
  • Readership:
    • General (US: Trade)
  • Weight:184g
  • Dimensions:179 x 112 x 23 (mm)
  • Pub. Country:United Kingdom
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