• Red Corona by Tim Glister

Okładka twarda
szt. Do przechowalni
ISBN 9781786077790

It's 1961 and the white heat of the Space Race is making the Cold War even colder. Richard Knox is a secret agent in big trouble. He's been hung out to dry by a traitor in MI5, and the only way to clear his name could destroy him.

Meanwhile in a secret Russian city, brilliant scientist Irina Valera makes a discovery that will change the world, and hand the KGB unimaginable power. Desperate for a way back into MI5, Knox finds an unlikely ally in Abey Bennett, a CIA recruit who's determined to prove herself whatever the cost... As the age of global surveillance dawns, three powers will battle for dominance, and three people will fight to survive...


  • Format:
    • Hardback
    • 288 pages
  • Publisher:Oneworld Publications
  • Imprint:Point Blank
  • ISBN:9781786077790
  • Published:14 Jan 2021
  • Classifications:
    • Crime & mystery,
    • Thriller / suspense,
    • Espionage & spy thriller,
    • Adventure,
    • The Cold War,
    • Espionage & secret services,
    • Nuclear weapons
  • Readership:
    • General (US: Trade)
  • Dimensions:225 x 146 (mm)
  • Pub. Country:United Kingdom