• Quantum Computing for Developers : A Java-based introduction by Johan Vos

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ISBN 9781617296321

Quantum computing is on the horizon, ready to impact everything from scientific research to encryption and security. But you don't need a physics degree to get started in quantum computing. Quantum Computing for Developers shows you how to leverage your existing Java skills into writing your first quantum software so you're ready for the revolution.

Rather than a hardware manual or academic theory guide, this book is focused on practical implementations of quantum computing algorithms. Using Strange, a Java-based quantum computer simulator, you'll go hands-on with quantum computing's core components including qubits and quantum gates as you write your very first quantum code. Key Features * An introduction to the core concepts of quantum computing * Qubits and quantum gates * Superposition, entanglement, and hybrid computing * Quantum algorithms including Shor's, Deutsch-jozsa, and Grover's search For Java developers at all levels who want an early start in quantum computing.

No advanced math knowledge required. About the technology Whilst quantum hardware is still on the edge of development, the underlying principles for writing quantum software are well-established. Right now developers can utilize quantum simulators, like Java-based Strange, to try quantum experiments on any platform that runs the JVM.

Johan Vosis a cofounder of Gluon, a Java technology company that aims to offer Java solutions for all platforms including desktop, embedded, and mobile apps, and connect them to the cloud. He is a Java Champion and holds an MSc in Mining Engineering and a PhD in Applied Physics.


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    • Paperback / softback
    • 300 pages
  • Publisher:Manning Publications
  • Imprint:Manning Publications
  • ISBN:9781617296321
  • Published:30 Oct 2021
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    • Algorithms & data structures
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  • Pub. Country:United States