• Philippa Gregory Collection - 6 Books

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ISBN 9781471155185

Six historical novels.

This is the entire collection of Philippa Gregory’s bestselling Cousins’ War series.

Certain to transport you back in time to England during the War of the Roses, the books’ settings have been richly researched and the plots are completely compelling.

Although not released in this order, it’s widely thought that reading the books in chronological order (The Lady of the Rivers, The Red Queen, The White Queen, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, The White Princess, The King’s Curse) offers the best experience.

Covering Henry VIII’s predecessors and Elizabeth Woodville’s rise to the throne, the books are full of shocks, scandals, murders and have some healthy romance added for good measure.

This collection contains books 1-6 in Philippa Gregory’s Cousins’ War series.

Titles in this collection (6)

  1. The Lady of the Rivers
  2. The Red Queen
  3. The White Queen
  4. The Kingmaker’s Daughter
  5. The White Princess
  6. The Kings Curse
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Format: Collection
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