• Mog Picture Book Collection - 10 Books (Collection) Judith Kerr

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ISBN 9780007953844

Mog the Forgetful Cat

Mog always seems to be in trouble. She forgets that she has a cat flap and she forgets that she has already eaten her supper. But, one night, Mogs forgetfulness comes in very handy

Mog and Bunny

Bunny is Mog's best thing. But one day Mrs Thomas says she is going to throw Bunny in the dustbin

Mogs Chritmas

The house is full of strange bustling, there are new noises and new smells, and where is that tree going? Disconcerted by all the unusual activities, Mog escapes to the roof, and there she stays until, unexpectedly, she returns with a bump!

Mog in the Dark

An all-time classic Mog story refreshed with a new cover and format. Join Mog for a fantastical adventure with mousedogbird! Mog sat in the dark  Mog thought in the dark But the dark was not where Mog wanted to be And who else was there in the dark? One night Mogs imagination takes her on a hilarious twilight adventure to a land of fantastical creatures, but true to form, all Mog really wants is her supper!

Mog Amazing Birthday Carper

A story which follows a cat called Mog who goes on a birthday caper and makes his way through the alphabet, from A to Z, along the way. Illustrated in colour. Part of the PICTURE LIONS series.

Mog and the V.E.T.

One day Mog was chasing a butterfly when something happened to her paw. "She"ll have to go to the vee ee tee, said Mrs Thomas. But Mog hates going to the vet and before her paw can be made better, she causes great confusion in the vets surgery

Mog and the Granny

A new picture book featuring Mog the cat, who goes to stay with a nice old granny when the Thomas family go away on holiday " there are a few surprises when it turns out that Granny has a cat of her own. With full colour illustrations.

Mog and the Baby

Mog's peaceful day is shattered when a baby comes to visit. All Mog wants to do and sleep and play but there is no chance of that with a little baby around Mog loves babies  says Mrs Thomas but suddenly Mog isn't quite so sure

Mog on the Fox Night

One day Mog did not want to eat her supper And it was snowing and Mr Thomas was cross at having to do the bin bags. Who would have thought that all this would lead to three foxes in Mogs kitchen?

Mog Bad Things

Everyones favourite family cat is back in this beautiful picture book, reissued with a charming new cover. When Mogs garden disappears under an enormous white flappy thing, Mog is very unhappy and does A Bad Thing. But inside the white flappy thing a Cat Show is taking place, the perfect setting for Mog to make her family very proud indeed.