• Game Changer by Neal Shusterman

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ISBN 9780061998676

An ambitious and magnetic novel from the New York Times bestselling Neal Shusterman, about a teenage American football player forced into a series of parallel lives. As a star player on his high school American football team, Ash is used to taking some hard hits. But that one run in his last game must have knocked him a little loose, because suddenly his life doesn't look quite the way he remembers it.

As Ash bounces into worlds that are almost-but-not-really his own, he starts to question everything, including his own perceptions and place in his own reality. But can he even work out how to get back there?


  • Format:
    • Hardback
    • 400 pages
  • Publisher:HarperCollins
  • Imprint:Quill Tree Books
  • ISBN:9780061998676
  • Published:9 Feb 2021
  • Weight:462g
  • Dimensions:151 x 222 x 35 (mm)
  • Language:English