• Frog Series 10 Books Collection Set by Max Velthuijs

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ISBN 9783200329843

Frog Series 10 Books Collection Set by Max Velthuijs Frog is Sad, Frog in Winter


Frog and a very Special Day

Frog is excited - Hare has promised him that today will be a very special day. Nobody seems to know why, so Frog resolves to find out. Frog decides that Hare has been playing a trick on him...but has he?

Frog Finds a Friend

A warm, loving story full of friendship and happiness." School Librarian One fine autumn day, Frog finds a little bear lost and alone in the forest. He decides to take him home to be his new friend. When Hare tells him the little bear is just a toy that cannot even talk Frog says he will teach him. And to the other animal's great surprise that is exactly what he does! They do everything together and they are best friends. Then one dreadful day Little Bear says he is going away, back to where he came from. Frog is inconsolable. Will he really never come back? Max Velthuijs's books about Frog always approach important topics with gentle humor. Frog and his friends also appear in Frog in Love, Frog and the Birdsong, Frog and the Stranger, Frog in Winter, Frog is Frightened, Frog is a Hero, Frog is Frog, Frog and the Wide World, Frog and a Very Special Day, Frog and the Treasure and Frog is Sad.

Frog in Winter

One morning, Frog wakes up knowing that something had gone wrong with the world. Everything is completely white, and it is very cold outside. Much too cold for Frog to take part in any of the fun that his friends are having with the ice and snow. It's even too cold for him to enjoy a snowball fight! After all, he is just a bare frog - he has neither fur nor feathers- Eventually the other animals band together to equip Frog with warm clothing and extra firewood. But nothing will really cheer Frog up as much as the arrival of the Spring!

Frog is a Hero

When the rains come and the river bursts its banks, Frog, Duck, Pig and Hare are stranded. It is Frog who is a hero when he risks his life to help his friends.

Frog and the Treasure

Frog and Little Bear go off to dig for treasure. 'But how do you know there will be treasure?' says Little Bear.'I just know,' says Frog. So together they dig a hole; a hole so deep that once they are in, they can't get out. Who will rescue them? And at the end of it all, will they have discovered treasure? Of course they will.

Frog is Frog

Frog is not content to be just a plain green frog, he wants to do the things his friends can do. He tries to fly like Duck, to bake cakes like Pig and to read like Hare. But all his attempts are doomed to failure, and Frog is disconsolate, until Hare points out that his friends love him just the way he is. And in any case, he can swim and leap better than any of them!

Frog is Frightened

Frog and his friends, Duck and Pig, don't believe in ghosts, until they all hear frightening noises in the dead of night. They huddle together for comfort in Pig's bed, but in the morning it is Hare who gets a real fright when he finds Frog's house empty and gets no answer at Pig's because the three friends are now fast asleep!

Frog and the Birdsong

One autumn day Frog discovers a blackbird lying motionless in the grass. Worried, he asks his friends what can be the matter. Very gently and simply, then animals begin to understand the meaning of death and the beauty of life in this moving story.

Frog in Love

Frog is feeling most unwell. He keeps getting hot, then cold, and something inside his chest is going 'thump, thump'. Hare says it means he's in love! But who with? And how can he show his devotion - perhaps by performing the biggest jump ever?

Frog and the Stranger

Frog's friends are unhappy when Rat, a stranger, sets up camp at the edge of the woods. But Frog doesn't mind that Rat is different and they become friends. Soon, Frog's friends learn that different does not mean bad and that their ideas about rats were all wrong.